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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent if I am not 25? Is there a problem if I am 25 but my other driver is not? 

  • We require our renters to be 25 years of age or older to rent because the protection package only covers renters who are 25+. If you are 25 years of age, but your companion is not, we can still move forward with the reservation but just understand that your companion will not be covered under our protection package.


Can I bring my pets? Is your pet fee refundable?

  • Yes, we are pet friendly! However, we do charge a $150 nonrefundable pet fee and does not act as a cleaning charge. You are expected to bring the van back cleaned and vacuumed. Any excessive pet hair left in the van upon return may result in a $100 detailing charge.


Do you have surf board rack/straps?

  • Yes, we offer surf board straps as an add-on for $10/trip. Please refer to this video for instructions on how to strap on your surf board.  


Does your van have space for a carseat?

  • No, we do not. Our vans only have a driver’s seat and passenger seat, no back seats for additional passengers. 


Can we leave our car at the pick up spot?

  • There are plenty of street parking around the area without parking restrictions. However, parking may be limited depending on what time you come since we are located right by a busy beach. We will not be responsible for any theft or damages (but from our experience it’s been safe and we’ve never had problems)


Can we pick up or drop off at SFO airport?

  • Yes! We offer delivery and pick up services to and from SFO for $50 each way, which is pretty much the cost of an Uber ride out of SFO. 


Can you delivery to my home address?

  • Yes! We can delivery to your home address anywhere within a 50 mile radius from us. Delivery charge is determined by the distance with a minimum charge of $50. 


Can I do a late pick-up / early drop-off?

  • Yes! We are usually flexible with our pick-up and drop-off times. Just message us and we will work something out. 


Can I add an add-on last minute?

  • Yes, just contact us and we will add it on to your reservation. 


Can I bring my own sheets?

  • Yes! We can exclude any of our items from your reservation, just contact us and we will make it happen.


It is my anniversary/birthday/celebration. Can you do something special?

  • Of course! Our goal is to give each and every one of our renters a memorable experience. Message us for any celebration package prices. They are fully customizable and can be tailored to your needs. 


I booked a reservation but must cancel due to COVID. What are my choices?


Something came up, can I cancel?

  • There is a 48 hour grace period from the time of your booking confirmation in case you change your mind. Thereafter, we have a strict cancellation policy.


How many can fit inside your vans? What if we have more friends who’d like to tag along?

  • Our vans only fit 2. We offer tent rentals as add-ons that can fit additional friends who would like to tag along. We have 2 vans in our fleet (and is constantly looking to add more). Message us to see if both vans are available for your dates. 


Is there a limit as to how many miles we can go?

  • Of course not! We would never want to limit your adventure! We allocate 100 miles per NIGHT of your reservation and usage is totaled at the end of your trip. Anything out of that will be charged as over mileage.

How is over miles charged?

  • Currently, they are charged at $0.50/mi but increase or decrease depending on time of year. It will be charged to the card on file after your return.


Will I be able to take the vans off-roading?

  • Sorry, no :( our babies are meant for paved roads only. 


Is your van 4WD? What are the specs?

  • Our transits are V4s and 2WD / FWD.


This is my first time camping in a camper van, where can I spend the night?

  • Our vans are stealthy enough that you can camp anywhere you are allowed to park overnight. 


I’ve never driven a camper van before, will I have trouble driving the van?

  • Not at all! Our vans are similar to the size of a sedan, so driving should be a breeze switching from your car to our transits. 


Does your vans come with showers?

  • We have an outdoor pump shower and tent available as add-ons to your reservation. Please note that it does not heat up water, but you can do so separately from your Coleman stove.

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